Matrimony Script : June Updates

Our team is excited about the enhancements being applied to our product.

1. We will revert the FEATURED brides, FEATURED Grooms display in homepage to the old scrolling style. The feedback does not favour the new way of display

2. ADMIN report : We are working on a SINGLE page solution to view all details of a member from date of registration to the no.of messages sent. It will also allow to EDIT the profile, Manage Photos, Update Last Login info and much more.

These updates will be rolled out this weekend.

Cheers !

Matrimony Script Updates : May 2011

Hi All,

Update 1 :

Website width is a key factor for any website.

With so many different resolutions (800×600, 1024×768, etc.), browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), and platforms (Windows, Mac, Mobile ,etc.) in use, it is very difficult to design a page that looks good (or at least looks the same) in all configurations.

To design a page that looks good with most configurations, let’s start by defining our main objective:  we must never force a user to scroll horizontally.  In other words, our page must always fit within the available screen width.  This would suggest that we have to design our page for the lowest common denominator.

So let’s look at the stats

January 2011
Resolution % of Total
1280×1024 14.8 %
1280×800 14.4 %
1366×768 10.1 %
1440×900 9.9 %
1680×1050 9.2 %
1920×1080 6.2 %
1920×1200 4.5 %
1600×900 2.5 %
1152×864 1.5 %
1360×768 1.3 %
Other 10.7 %

Till date, The default template of our matrimony script was designed for 800 x 600. That was too old…

We decided to optimize it for 1024×768, and then decided to follow the fixed-width page method

To accommodate most browsers and platforms, We specified the template width at a maximum of 980 pixels.

Update 2 :

The Footer design has gone for a complete revamp. Check

Update 3 :

Removed unwanted stuff from homepage and made it simple and shorter

Update 4 :

Featured Profiles now has a new slideshow

Good news, Franchisee/Agents Module is 90% ready !

Cheers !

Matrimony Script Updates : Feb 2011

February 2011 : With feedback from all over, the below updates have been applied to the ADMIN CONSOLE.

Banner Manager :

The banners can now be switched off and ON according to your preference. This applies to all banners (homepage, left menu, profile page). Also it supports SWF files

Content Management System :

Now site owners can edit the content for About us, Privacy Policy, Terms, Help Page from the ADMIN panel. This has been a long pending request.

Of the last month updates, there has been overwhelming response for the following update :

Profiles will not show up the NAMES until unless you are a registered and paid member

Cheers !

Fine Tune : Matri4Web Updates

Here we present the latest tweaks applied to Matri4Web – the readymade matrimony portal script !

With feedback from all over, the below updates have been applied : In our matrimony portal,

1. Profiles will not show up the NAMES until unless you are a registered and paid member

Reasons : Our Matrimony script is highly SEO friendly and google / yahoo indexes the profiles very fast and the names are shown on search results. This is NOT preferred by most users due to privacy concerns.

2. A Paid MEMBER can view contact details directly without expressing interest.

Reasons : This is one feature requested by most of the users. The moment they pay, they wish to get the contact details rather than  waiting for the EXPRESSED interest to be accepted.  (this feature can be tweaked according the needs)

3. Removal of Footer banner.

Reason: Users feel  a bit of disturbing to have a banner on all pages in footer. Moreover it collapses the design.

More to follow….