Giving the Power of ADMIN – View Profile in Matri4Web

Dear All,

Constantly, we have received feedback on the way the PROFILES are displayed in the ADMIN Panel.

Every client wanted to have a single point where in they can do the following :

1.View Full Profile with Full Contact details

2. Print Profile with address/horoscope

3. Edit profile

4. Update last login info

5. Print Invoice

6. Delete Profile

7. Manage Photos

We have worked out a way for this. ADMIN can now search by ID, Name or Mobile number and get the snapshot of the member profile.

It will show : The name, registered date, last login info, no.of messages sent/received, no.of express interests sent/recieved, profile view count, etc.

It will allow the ADMIN to do all the SEVEN points mentioned earlier in the post.

Thus ADMIN gets Full control of the PROFILE.

Cheers !