Featured Members : Matrimony Script March 2012 updates

With numerous requests from users, the featured BRIDES, Grooms Scrolling box has been made dynamic !

How it was working earlier :

All Paid members with photo were automatically shown as featured.

How it works now :

The ADMIN has an option to set FEATURED members. ADMIN can search and set any active member with photo as FEATURED.

Under Member reports, a new menu listing the featured members is enabled. The same menu has the option of DEACTIVATING featured membership of a profile !


ADMIN Forgot password option has been enabled now.

This new feature will be part of all the installations from now on !

Cheers !

Matrimony Script Updates : Jan 2012

Dear all,

We are planning to give a facelift to the Default template of our matri4web software.

Minor tweaks will be applied to the homepage. A BIG innovative SLIDER is being planned for the middle of the page. Featured Grooms, Brides display is to be shortened.

This will be rolled out in coming days !

Cheers !

December 2011 : Updates on Matrimony Script

Our Team is streamlining the process of DELETE PROFILE requests.

Herein, whenever an user submits request for DELETE PROFILE, it will reach the ADMIN PANEL.

The ADMIN will verify the request and APPROVE it.

On approval, the PROFILE gets removed from the database altogether.

This update to our matrimony script will be rolled out soon !

Happy Holidays and wish everyone a Wonderful New Year !

Cheers !