December 2011 : Updates on Matrimony Script

Our Team is streamlining the process of DELETE PROFILE requests.

Herein, whenever an user submits request for DELETE PROFILE, it will reach the ADMIN PANEL.

The ADMIN will verify the request and APPROVE it.

On approval, the PROFILE gets removed from the database altogether.

This update to our matrimony script will be rolled out soon !

Happy Holidays and wish everyone a Wonderful New Year !

Cheers !

Contact us PAGE in matrimony script

With frequent requests from users, the CONTACT US or REACH US page in our matrimony script package will be made as Database driven (brought under CMS)

This way, ADMIN can frequently manage the ADDRESS, PHONE Nos displayed on the site.

This will be rolled out this weekend.

Cheers !

DB backup from admin – matrimonial script software

Backups are very important.

There is no second thought on that.

We are now  enabling a DB backup function from the ADMIN PANEL

What it does ?

This script finds the MySQL database on the server, backs it up (for easy recovery of specific data), compresses them, and stores the file in a specified directory and also emails it to you.

This is being applied to few existing sites.

We will also tune it up to set it as CRON JOB which means, the above process will happen automatically at a specified interval (every 2 days or week)

Cheers !