Christian Matrimony Script – How is it Different ?

Frequently We get queries to differentiate the features of our Matrimony Software for HINDU Religion and Christianity. We will list out the features of CHRISTIAN Matrimony package :

1. Religion will be renamed as : DENOMINATION

2. Caste will be renamed as : COMMUNITY

3. HOROSCOPE and Socio Religious Attributes will be removed

4. Look and Feel of the site will be altered accordingly. i.e The Theme will be totally western based.

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Matri4Web : Feb 2018 Updates

The Fully mobile responsive matrimony software has been accepted with tremendous from day one ! We are continuously fine tuning the software to make the user experience enhancing and error Free.

Few stuff our geeks are working on ….

Integration of INSTAMOJO Payment Gateway 

INSTAMOJO is an exciting new payment gateway and it works like a charm !  INSTAMOJO is fully compatible with Matri4Web. You can Signup for an acocunt here – 

View Profile Page

Member profile pages are the key to any matrimony website and we have enhanced the  UI of the same

More Big updates are on the way…

Cheers !

Importance of ID Proof and Address Proof in Matrimony sites

Our Matrimony Software follows the below  advisory and the option to collect ID proof and address Proof is integrated with our software.


In a move to check misuse of matrimonial websites, the Centre has decided to make it mandatory for the sites to authenticate users with valid identity and address proofs, lest these sites become dating platforms.

“Matrimonial websites are intermediary under section 2 of Information Technology Act and they are mandated to follow IT Act,” a source said.

As per the advisory, matrimonial websites will need to confirm the “user’s intent to enter in to matrimonial alliance” and “confirm that the user information is correct to the best his or her knowledge” when they register to join the platform.

With this advisory coming in place, users of matrimonial websites will be required to submit or upload true copies of supporting documents such as proof of identity and address for the purpose of user verification.

“It is advisable that matrimonial websites should provide a list of legally verifiable document which shall serve proof of identity,” the advisory said.

The users will also require to confirm their intent for using the platform, it said.

The new advisory clearly bars websites to disguise dating platform as matrimonial websites.

The advisory also said that “service providers should make a declaration that website is strictly for matrimonial purpose only and not a dating website and should not be used for posting obscene material.”