Landing Page for Matrimony Website !

Our Mobile Responsive Matrimony Software will include a LANDING page from now on. The Effective uses of LANDING pages are listed below.

We have integrated a CHOTTA Registration form on the landing page and it can be used for both OFFLINE and ONLINE purposes.

Example : 

General Info :

What is a landing page? 

In the most simple terms, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive on (or, you know, “land on”). Landing pages are the best way for matrimony portals to turn online visitors into either leads or sales.

Why does your matrimony site need them? 

Too often, website visitors fail to convert because their click sends them to the homepage instead of a specific landing page that guides them through the sales funnel. An effective strategy can improve conversions by 48 percent or more. Don’t get left behind. Here’s why every modern marketer needs to incorporate landing pages into their digital marketing strategy.

Conversions – Your website exists to provide users with an engaging and tailored experience because it’s those experiences that lead to sales. Landing pages are the bread and butter of website conversions. When visitors are given targeted content, they are more likely to take the next step, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing a product.

Lead generation – Nothing makes gathering online leads easier than having landing pages on your website. Links that are distributed through different channels such as social media, email, and search traffic are lost to your website’s homepage. Reclaim those lost leads by steering visitors to your landing pages.

SEO value – When is the last time you visited the second page of search results? Do you remember? More landing pages means more chances to rank high in searches. When you rank high, you convert high. The first five search results account for 67.6 percent of all clicks, whereas positions six through 10 accounts for only 3.73 percent. It pays to be at the top. Literally.

Collect demographic data – When a lead turns into a conversion, you receive valuable information about who is visiting your site. That information allows you to target your audience in a more direct and efficient manner.

Content to pair with marketing offers – Marketing offers can have a hard time finding a home on your website. Offers seek to incentivize users to purchase your product or service. So naturally, the best place to put them is with pages designed to convert.

If you’re looking to generate more leads, rank higher in search, score more conversions, pinpoint your demographic, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing offers, then it’s time to develop a killer landing page strategy.