Hosting Issue Solution


There have been quite a bit of calls from many users of our matrimony script hosted on Godaddy servers. We request you to follow the instructions given by them. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

——————————————– Hosting company email starts————————————————————-

We’re making a small change to your hosting account  to make sure it continues to work as intended.

On October 1st, 2012 we will deploy Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to your hosting account. APC can siginficantly improve the performance of PHP driven web sites, reducing load times.
We have noticed that one or more of your hosted websites uses IONCube, Zend Guard, or Zend Optimizer. To ensure that these programs will not conflict with APC, we will modify your account’s php.ini file by adding “apc.enable=0” during this deployment. This update will disable APC and lets your website continue to run as it always has.

Please Note: If you modify the php.ini file by removing “apc.enable=0,” your site might stop functioning.

If you have any questions about this deployment, please feel free to reach out to our support department.

——————————————-HOSTING company email ends————————————————————-