Matrimony Script – Franchisee Module 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of FRANCHISEE Module – a new ADDON module for Our PHP/MYSQL based Matrimony Script Software. The

Franchisee Module is now ready and here are the features :

  • Franchisee Register
  • Franchisee Login
  • Franchisee – Profile Register
  • Franchisee – Reports
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Franchisee ADMIN :

  • Approve Franchisee
  • View list of Franchisees
  • View Profiles Franchiseewise

Talk to our Sales Team for more details !

Version 3.1 of Matri4Web M-Plus (matrimonial software script) has arrived !

Glad to launch the new Version of our Matrimonial Software Script is now LIVE!

Features added :

  • Express Interest, Personalised Messages View Updated
  • Message Read Option added in Express Interest & Personalised Message
  • Reviewing Previous Message Option while Send Message to a Member
  • Express Interest & Personalised widget in Profile Full View.
  • Enhanced ADMIN panel dashboard

Demo is available on :

Cheers !

Account Login History : Matrimony Software Update

Our matrimony script ADMIN logs the STAFF Panel login and serves :

  • Date and Time of Login
  • IP
  • Username

Now this feature has been extended to the main ADMIN panel. An exclusive Log report of LAST logins will be provided in the admin panel and it will show :

  • Date and TIME of login
  • Username
  • Logged in IP
  • Status of Login

This will be rolled out shortly !

Screenshot of Dashboard :

Cheers !

Google reCAPTCHA in Matrimonial Software Script

As a security measure, we will be making changes to the matrimony website script introducing the process of reCAPTCHA . It would not only prevent abuse and spam for your matrimony websites, but also help you identify that a computer user is a human.

What is changing?

The reCAPTCHA code will be added to the following three pages.

The advertise with us page
The contact support page
The Abuse report page

Apart from the above, minor tweaks are also being continuously done to the software to make it more user friendly and efficient !

Cheers !