July 2011 Updates on Matri4Web

Hi all,

The Admin panel now has the revamped REPORTS as per the earlier post. We believe you will love it.

Following changes are planned this month :

From now on, Guest members will not be able to search the whole database. They will be asked to register or login to view more results. This will apply to all Searches !

Login reports in ADMIN to get status of the most active members.


Cheers !

Giving the Power of ADMIN – View Profile in Matri4Web

Dear All,

Constantly, we have received feedback on the way the PROFILES are displayed in the ADMIN Panel.

Every client wanted to have a single point where in they can do the following :

1.View Full Profile with Full Contact details

2. Print Profile with address/horoscope

3. Edit profile

4. Update last login info

5. Print Invoice

6. Delete Profile

7. Manage Photos

We have worked out a way for this. ADMIN can now search by ID, Name or Mobile number and get the snapshot of the member profile.

It will show : The name, registered date, last login info, no.of messages sent/received, no.of express interests sent/recieved, profile view count, etc.

It will allow the ADMIN to do all the SEVEN points mentioned earlier in the post.

Thus ADMIN gets Full control of the PROFILE.

Cheers !