Responsive Design

Happy  to inform you all, We are coming up with a RESPONSIVE Design for our matrimony script.

This is how it will work – Anytime, an user visits the Matrimony site via Mobile or TABLET, it auto detects and loads the Responsive Version of the site.

The footer of the responsive site will also have link to the DESKTOP version.

This will be launched shortly !

SMS Module update

Our Matrimony Package features an ADDON module to enable SMS alerts in the application.

This was rolled out long back :


Now, we have another ENHANCEMENT to this SMS Module.

If you have opted for our SMS pack and API, you can get the below features :

1. A Verification CODE  will be sent to the User’s Mobile upon Registration

2. Once the User enters the VALID CODE, the profile gets ACTIVATED immediately and a confirmation SMS is sent along with WELCOME email

We hope you will love this feature !

If you are a current user who have NOT taken SMS Module, write to !